Safe and Efficacious Exfoliation Method.

Example of Unpaid Testimonials we receive from grateful customers.



"EXFOLIA cured my acne! I have been struggling with acne since I was 13...I have tried ProActiv, Murad, Retin A, antibiotics, and even Accutane without results. After 2 weeks using the cloth I stopped getting break-outs."

~Christina S. Phoenix, AZ.

BCI receives hundreds of “Thank You” letters from grateful customers (and retailers) who have witnessed the healthy benefits from regular use of EXFOLIA products.

Our Medical Advisor is one of the top 5 Dermatologists in the world. He is author of several textbooks, teacher, and founder of a skin disease medical research foundation.

The patented hi-tech cloth is made only by the world leader in nano-fiber production and technology.

"I use them myself"

EXFOLIA medical spokesperson Dr. Anne Marie McNeill M.D., PhD., F.A.A.D. ,Board Certified Dermatologist, Newport Beach, CA